About Us

If It’s Outdoors, LLC is a family owned business founded by Josh Dather in 2004.



If It’s Outdoors, LLC exists to provide the Greater Greenville community with landscaping excellence and exceptional customer service. We will do this through attention to detail and by treating every property and client with honor.



Josh & Caleb Dather have over 25 combined years in the landscaping industry.
The brothers value not only competence, but character, and are committed to living lives of integrity. This naturally translates to high-quality work and long-term customer relationships.
Josh’s wife Christi provides organization as office administrator.

A unit is only as strong as its weakest link, so we only hire quality individuals who are committed to the team and the satisfaction of our customers. Every team member is a trustworthy individual who we are proud to have represent our company.

We are Certified Pesticide Applicators, licensed by the State of South Carolina.

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